Bryan Martello

self portrait (submerged)

inkjet print, 2019.

sweet nothings

group of 12 inkjet prints on fabric, 2019.

Bryan Martello


clay and polymer clay, 2019.

a soft fire

artist book, 2019.

Bryan Martello

room for growth

inkjet print, 2018.

Bryan Martello

gifts for joyful boys

inkjet print and found objects, 2017.

please don't spit in my garden

group of 7 inkjet prints, 2016-2018.

Bryan Martello

the hermit

inkjet print, 2016.

Bryan Martello

new moon over sea

inkjet print on adhesive, 2016.

solid objects

group of 13 inkjet prints on adhesive, 2014-2016.

Bryan Martello

golden sundown

inkjet print on adhesive, 2015.